Orhan Can Ceylan


A software entrepreneur with a passion for learning new things, finding new challenges, and making a positive impact

I'm a versatile software entrepreneur. As one of the co-founders of Deriva, I lead the company-wide strategy and business development.
Deriva offers an interior analytics and reporting tool which provides actionable consumer insights for retail stores, malls, airports, museums, stadiums and hotels.
Deriva is an investee of Netas Wesley Clover Tech Fund, a strategic partnership of Wesley Clover, Netas, and TRPE Capital.
I'm an amateur sailor, I love to travel and play chess.



OCC graduated from Koc University, with a dual degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration by ranking 2nd in the class.

He had an internship in CloudArena and IBTech as a software engineer in Istanbul. He also had an overseas internship experience in Comodo as a Technology Consultant in Jersey City, NJ.

Orhan had spent two semesters abroad, the first one in Rutgers University, NJ, focusing on management of technological organizations and data management; the other one in Bocconi University, in Italy, focusing on technology and innovation management, and business strategy.

His Twitter Recommendation Engine - Discover Twitter project was chosen as a Best Senior Project in Koc University.

After graduation, he worked at Peak Games as a Business Intelligence and Marketing Analyst for a year focusing on predictive analytics, complex event processing, game monetization and lifetime value calculation.

mail {at} orhancanceylan [dot] com